Follow Up Appointments

First Post-operative appointment (7 - 10 day)

If you have low pain threshold take some paracetamol prior to your visit.

Your cast will be removed, and you will see your ‘new’ altered yet swollen nose for the first time.

You can use minimal make up to cover up any residual bruising on your face if present.

You may be able to fly at this point if there are no concerns. You need to discuss with your surgeon exactly when and if you can fly based on the outcome of the examination.

Second Post-operative appointment (6 - 8 weeks)

Your nose will be examined, and any aftercare concerns are dealt with.

Significant reduction of swelling is expected both externally and internally.

You may be able to return to more vigorous exercise.


Third Post-operative appointment (4 - 5 months)

Your nose will be examined and any aftercare concerns are dealt with.

Some swelling and altered sensation/ numbness particularly around the tip of your nose can continue until 12 – 18 months post-surgery. It is important to be extremely patient and sit back and allow for all swelling and healing to occur. That is why the fourth visit is planned around 12 – 18 months after surgery.

Fourth Post-operative appointment (12 - 18 months)

Final visit and check up